Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Green Mountain’s Recyclable K-Cups Strive to Improve Our Impact on the World Around Us


Keurig has launched new recyclable Green Mountain polypropylene K-Cup pods, starting in four coffee flavors with plans to expand to more. Their goal is to keep the great-tasting flavor loyal Green Mountain customers have come to know and love, while making the recycling process easy on everyone involved. After years of testing different alternatives to the perfect recyclable K-Cup, Keurig is ... Read More »

Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve K Cups


Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve K Cups are one of the finest and most unique regional coffees known to all coffee lovers. This coffee seems to offer the same level of intrigue and complexity as the Indonesian Island of Sumatra from which it originates. Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve is a first-rate example of this meritorious regional blend gourmet coffee. It has ... Read More »

Green Mountain Golden French Toast Limited Edition Gourmet Coffee


Just when we thought Green Mountain coffee roasters had produced all the delicious flavors one could ever imagine fitting into a coffee cup, they have once again surprised us with Golden French Toast coffee blend.   So this winter, if you want to escape the chill, we have the perfect limited edition gourmet coffee for you.   Golden French Toast ... Read More »