Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Tiki Hut and Tready Team Up to Give One Lucky Winner a Seriously Cool Prize


Tiki Hut Coffee has teamed up with Tready shoes  to give one lucky winner the opportunity to sport quality custom Tiki Hut Coffee shoes! When wearing a Tready shoe, know you’re getting a classic, genuine canvas shoe imprinted with original or officially-licensed designs. In this case, the winner gets to show their love and enthusiasm for coffee anywhere they go. To enter ... Read More »

World Health Organization Declares Coffee is Not a Carcinogen


The World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported study findings that show there is inadequate evidence to prove coffee is a carcinogen. For the past 25 years, coffee has been classified as “possibly carcinogenic” and linked to bladder cancer, so findings that deem the beverage not carcinogenic will likely provide a sense of relief to those who drink coffee daily. The new findings ... Read More »

Make Your Own Dark Chocolate Iced Coffee Popsicles with Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee


Calling all coffee lovers! Tiki Hut Coffee has found the perfect refreshing treat to kick off your summer – dark chocolate iced coffee popsicles! This homemade recipe, inspired by Grady’s Coffee Popsicles  is quick and easy, and requires only four ingredients!  See below for full instructions: Ingredients:  2 Cups Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee,  ½ Cup Agave Syrup (Divided),  ¾ Cup ... Read More »

Get Your Van Houtte K-Cups at Tiki Hut Now


At Tiki Hut Coffee, we pride ourselves on providing you a large assortment of K-Cups at discounted prices. We offer coffee, tea and cocoa K-Cups, as well as assortments of flavors and varying degrees of boldness in each category. We are excited to announce that we have now added Van Houtte K-Cups to that growing list! Our selection of Van ... Read More »

Tiki Hut Coffee Participates in Local Long Island School Fundraiser


Here at Tiki Hut Coffee, we pride ourselves on being a charitable and socially responsible company above all else. That’s why were more than happy to lend our help to the Long Island High School for the Arts “Broadway Supports LIHSA” fundraiser. The fundraiser served as a call to action to raise awareness for the school for funding and enrollment purposes. ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Making the Healthiest, Most Flavorful Cup of Coffee


Contrary to popular belief, using “hard” water for your coffee is actually more beneficial than using clean water. The healthy and flavorful components are more susceptible to hanging on to the hard water, a recent study shows. When it comes to grinding and brewing your coffee, the more pulverized the coffee beans, the most you will get out of them. ... Read More »

Study Reveals Coffee Helps Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease and Other Ailments


A new study has revealed drinking coffee can lower your risk of dying from heart disease and other ailments. This is where Tiki Hut Coffee comes in. The study, which the New York Times recently revealed, shows us how drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day can help us more than we think. This large-scale study spanned three decades and followed ... Read More »

Free Shipping on K-Cups for November!


In the spirit of giving, we wanted to share an exceptional offer with you! For the month of November, you can enjoy free shipping on all your favorite K-Cups! For the month of November only, you can get any and all K-Cups. Choose from our wide selection of beverages that are compatible with your Keurig Brewing System. Our selection of ... Read More »

Coffee: The Primary Antioxidant in the U.S. Diet

coffee antioxidents

Whether served ice cold or piping hot, Americans love coffee. The coffee market today comes in a variety flavors and styles. Over the past few decades, Americans have tailored the delicious flavor of coffee to fit our individual lifestyle. Since coffee is so much of our daily routine, it should be of no surprise that coffee is the primary source ... Read More »

Cleaning your Single Serve Coffee Machine

single serve coffee machine

How clean is your single serve coffee maker? This is a question posed by millions of coffee enthusiasts, and eventually put to the test by KDKA –TV in Pittsburg, who did a study to find out exactly how clean is the average single serve coffee maker. The TV stations said it tested a variety single serve coffee brewers from all ... Read More »