Sunday, March 26, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Making the Healthiest, Most Flavorful Cup of Coffee


Contrary to popular belief, using “hard” water for your coffee is actually more beneficial than using clean water. The healthy and flavorful components are more susceptible to hanging on to the hard water, a recent study shows. When it comes to grinding and brewing your coffee, the more pulverized the coffee beans, the most you will get out of them. ... Read More »

Use Coffee Grounds to Salt Snowy Walkways this Winter


As if you need an excuse to drink more coffee purchased from Tiki Hut, a practical usage of coffee beans has come about that can improve your life during the snowy months of winter. We all know sprinkling salt on your walkway can prevent an accident, but there’s another household item that can be just as useful after a snow ... Read More »

Introducing Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bag Cans

Gradys Blog Post Image

Tiki Hut Coffee is now carrying Grady’s Cold Brew, a New Orleans-style coffee concentrate brewed in Brooklyn, New York. Grady’s renowned iced coffee concentrate has been featured in major publications like GQ and Bon Appétit magazine as well as on ABC’s Good Morning America. Grady’s offers what they refer to as bean bags – decaf or regular – which are sold in bean bag ... Read More »

Study Reveals Coffee Helps Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease and Other Ailments


A new study has revealed drinking coffee can lower your risk of dying from heart disease and other ailments. This is where Tiki Hut Coffee comes in. The study, which the New York Times recently revealed, shows us how drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day can help us more than we think. This large-scale study spanned three decades and followed ... Read More »

Free Shipping on K-Cups for November!


In the spirit of giving, we wanted to share an exceptional offer with you! For the month of November, you can enjoy free shipping on all your favorite K-Cups! For the month of November only, you can get any and all K-Cups. Choose from our wide selection of beverages that are compatible with your Keurig Brewing System. Our selection of ... Read More »

Celebrate National Fair Trade Month this October


In celebration of Fair Trade month, we want to help educate our readers about the importance of Fair Trade coffee. Fair trade coffee literally changes the conditions of many lives, as coffee farmers are paid fairly for their coffee. Since this is Fair Trade Coffee month, we though this is the ideal time for retailers, brands and ethically-minded consumers to ... Read More »

Coffee: The Primary Antioxidant in the U.S. Diet

coffee antioxidents

Whether served ice cold or piping hot, Americans love coffee. The coffee market today comes in a variety flavors and styles. Over the past few decades, Americans have tailored the delicious flavor of coffee to fit our individual lifestyle. Since coffee is so much of our daily routine, it should be of no surprise that coffee is the primary source ... Read More »

Brew Over Ice K-Cup Bundle


We can appreciate you wanting to beat the summer heat this year, so we decided to take some of our absolute favorite Iced coffee and Iced Tea products and create a bundle designed to keep you cool all summer long. We are sure you will love our Brew Over Ice K-Cup Bundle! Our Brew Over Ice K-Cup Bundle is a ... Read More »

Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cups

Coffee People Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K Cups

If you are looking for a refreshing way to enjoy the summer this year and beat the heat, then you must try our Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cups! Indulge your senses with one of the finest blends from the company you know and love, The Donut Shop! Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cups are a delicious blend of the finest of ... Read More »

Keurig Accessories

single serve coffee machine

Do you love your Keurig, but hate the clutter of K-Cups? We offer a variety of Keurig accessories to help keep your collection of K-Cups well organized. Some of our Keurig accessories include K-Cup carousel towers, reusable K-Cup coffee filters and K-Cup drawers. Here are some of our Keurig accessories to help keep your K-Cups organized and ready to brew. ... Read More »