Friday, March 24, 2017

K Cups

Dunkin Donut K-Cups

dunkin donuts kcups

Now you can wake up to the fresh brewed aroma of Dunkin Donut K-Cups right in the comfort of your own home! Keurig made brewing your favorite cup of coffee even easier by making Dunkin Donut coffee available in K-Cups. The Dunkin Donut K-Cups are available in four delicious selections including, Original Blend, Dunkin Decaf, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut.   ... Read More »

K-Cup Pods

k cup pods

You might have noticed something different about your Keurig K-Cup box recently, K-Cups are now being called K-Cup Pods. This change has circulated a lot of talk among avid Keurig users. Allow us to explain the change, and quiet some fears.   K-cup Pods is not a different brand or secondary brand. You may have heard false rumors that this ... Read More »

Urnex CleanCup kcup cleaning solution

The Urnex CleanCup kcup cleaning solution is the best way to keep your Keurig brewer free of harmful bacteria, and producing the optimum quality beverage. Keurig brewers are so efficient that it is easy to see where many people can become a bit too relaxed in cleaning their brewer. Even though you may feel like your Keurig is clean enough, ... Read More »

The Benefits of Drinking Tea

benefits of drinking tea

The consumption of herbal tea has surged over the last few years in our country.  Produced from flowers and spices here and abroad, both natural ingredients, the benefits of drinking herbal tea are multifaceted, but all draw to the same conclusion: Antioxidants. Cancer & Heart Disease:  Specialty tea blends contain antioxidant compounds that help the body fight harmful free radicals.  Herbal tea also assists in restricting the ... Read More »

Green Mountain Wicked Winter Blend Coffee


Green Mountain Wicked Winter Blend Coffee.  An extra bold seasonal blend coffee, Green Mountain’s Wicked Winter is perfect on cold days keeping warm by a cozy fire.  As delectable as a gourmet dessert, this coffee is a combination of a subtle hint of caramel along with a rich chocolate, nutty and sweet essence. The finest blend of Indonesian, Central and South American beans ... Read More »

French Toast K-Cups?

Green Mountain Golden French Toast Kcup(1)

Green Mountain Golden French Toast KCup Green Mountain Golden French Toast Coffee.  Anyone who enjoys the aroma of breakfast being prepared in the kitchen will appreciate this seasonal blend coffee with their toasted bun or Danish. Calling to mind the buttery and cinnamon infused taste of French toast this delightfully flavored coffee is a gourmet’s dream. Packaged in Keurig K-cups, our Golden French Toast flavored coffee is ... Read More »

Spicy Eggnog K-Cups

Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog Fair Trade K-Cups

The aroma of spices wafts throughout your kitchen as you anticipate the taste that scent will bring with your first cup of Spicy Egg Nog Fair Trade coffee! Green Mountain has done it again with this absolutely delicious, smooth blend of lightly roasted flavored coffee beans reminiscent of holiday breakfasts with the entire family. Paired with a slice of toasted raisin bread, Spicy Egg Nog Fair Trade ... Read More »

Keurig K-Cups Gift Certificate Giveaway

keurig kcup halloween gift basket

Win Keurig K-Cups Gift Certificates From Tiki Hut Coffee It’s the holidays and time for our Keurig K-Cups Gift Certificate Giveaway.  This year we are doing something a little different at Tiki Hut Coffee and we know you’re gonna love it. We’ve decided to kick off our Gift Certificates Giveaways for Halloween and and making it part of our Keurig ... Read More »

Krispy Kreme Coffee K-Cups

Krispy Kreme Coffee K-Cups

Krispy Kreme Coffee K-Cups are the newest K-Cups offered at Tiki Hut Coffee. If their doughnuts are any indication of how good these new K-Cups are, then you are in for a real treat. You will never have to wonder where to buy Krispy Kreme Coffee K-Cups because we have them priced at only $13.99 for a box of 24 ... Read More »

Donut House K-Cups Sweepstakes

Donut House K-Cups

Win The Donut House K-Cups Sweepstakes   Donut House K-Cups are so popular here at Tiki Hut Coffee we have decided to listen to our fans and give a bunch away during our Keurig K-Cups Basket Sweepstakes. This week we will choose 6 lucky winners to receive a gift basket overflowing with a variety of Donut House K-Cups including: Donut ... Read More »