Friday, March 24, 2017


Diedrich Morning Edition Blend K-Cups Giveaway


How To Win Diedrich Morning Edition Blend K-Cups From Tiki Hut Coffee Diedrich Morning Edition Blend K-Cups are very popular here at Tiki Hut Coffee so we want to make them part of one of our now famous Keurig K-Cups Giveaways. If you have entered before, then you know we give away 6 Keurig K-Cups Baskets during our contests and ... Read More »

Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee

Are you getting a little bored with just plain old coffee? Then it is time to liven up your daily routine with the invigorating flavor of Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee. Wild Mountain Blueberry is a truly unique blend of gourmet coffee, thanks to its sweet and tangy blueberry essence. This light-bodied coffee provides the perfect foundation for the ... Read More »

Save 9% On Everything Today Only!

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At Tiki Hut Coffee we don’t need any special reasons to have a Coffee sale.  So today only, we’ve decided to give our customers Coupon Code for 9% off everything in stock.  That’s right, save 9% of K Cups, Flavia, Teas, Hot Chocolate and just about every coffee item you could ever imagine.  If that’s not enough for you, go ... Read More »

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups Giveaway

Donut House K-Cups Sweepstakes

How To Win A Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups Gift Basket From Tiki Hut Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups are the third best selling product K-Cup variety at Tiki Hut over the last year. So, we wanted to make sure that those who’ve yet to try them, get a chance to win some this week. So, as the person who ... Read More »

Coffee People Donut Shop Extra Bold K-Cups Giveaway!

Coffee People Donut Shop Extra Bold K-Cups

Win A Coffee People Donut Shop Extra Bold K-Cups Gift Basket Coffee People Donut Shop Extra Bold K-Cups are the most popular K Cups at Tiki Hut Coffee.  Our loyal customers love them so we are going to give some away in one of our famous K Cup Gift Basket Giveaways. But this week, we’ve decided to give away a ... Read More »

More Chances To Win Keurig Kcups From Tiki Hut Coffee

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One of the things Tiki Hut Coffee is best known for besides rock bottom prices are our frequent Keurig Kcups Baskets giveaways. In fact we had over 310 winners in 2013 and aim to beat that this year. I receive countless emails from customers wanting more ways to win and since I’m the guy who loves to give away all ... Read More »

Exclusive Seasonal Coffee Blends

Green Mountain Island Coconut K-Cup

Finally, the warmer weather has arrived! This season beckons warm sunny rays, tropical breezes, and the sweet smell of coconut wafting through the air. It is no wonder why gourmet coffee companies felt inspired to create coffee blends that reflect this exquisite time of year. Here are just a few superb coffee blends you can enjoy this summer. Green Mountain ... Read More »

Caribou Gourmet Coffee

Caribou Coffee Mahogany K- Cup

Are you growing tired of the same tried and true gourmet coffee roasts? In the world of coffee, there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you know at times, but eventually us coffee lovers must break out of our shells and try something new. Branching out for a new coffee can seem just as taxing, as it is stimulating, ... Read More »

Enter K Cups Sweepstakes And Win Free Coffee

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  Tiki Hut Coffee K Cups Sweepstakes: Here’s How To Win Free K Cups Click the image above and enter your email address in the form, you will be considered for all Tiki Hut Coffee K Cups Sweepstakes in the current sign up period and must sign up again to participate in future drawings.. Our most common sweepstakes is to select ... Read More »

Tiki Hut Coffee Rewards Program


Our Tiki Hut Coffee Rewards program is called Pineapple Points and we started it because we appreciate your business, and want to make sure that our loyal customers receive the most rewards and the best perks available online. This means you will save the most money on all your favorite Tiki Hut items such as gourmet coffees, energy drinks, herbal teas, ... Read More »