Friday, March 24, 2017


Coffee: The Primary Antioxidant in the U.S. Diet

coffee antioxidents

Whether served ice cold or piping hot, Americans love coffee. The coffee market today comes in a variety flavors and styles. Over the past few decades, Americans have tailored the delicious flavor of coffee to fit our individual lifestyle. Since coffee is so much of our daily routine, it should be of no surprise that coffee is the primary source ... Read More »

Two Leaves and a Bud Herbal Tea

Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Peppermint Tea

We are excited to inform our customers about Two Leaves and a Bud herbal teas as part of our vast selection of hot beverages.  Fans of organic products will appreciate the choices we offer in our specialty tea line.  A few items are described below. Organic Chamomile:  The one ingredient this tea contains is the organic chamomile flower from Egypt. Folklore indicates this herbal tea with its flowery ... Read More »

Peets Coffee by Flavia

Peet's Flavia Coffee

Peet’s Coffee by Flavia   The bar has been risen in the world of gourmet coffee production with the recent merger of Peets and Flavia.  Providers of specialty coffees individually, these two premium brands combine to offer variety to the Java lover with discerning taste. Peets Coffee by Flavia offers three most popular blends that are detailed below. Columbia Luminosa – a light, “bright” ... Read More »

Tiki Hut Coffee Facebook Coupon Code

facebook coupon code

At Tiki Hut Coffee we absolutely love our Facebook Fans.  So, to celebrate them, we have created a Facebook Only  Coupon Code to use at checkout. But before you use it, keep this in mind.  If you are a first time customer, we give you 10% off at checkout on without any coupon code required. So you may wish to ... Read More »

Flavia Coffee

Flavia Coffee Packets

Flavia Coffee Sometimes we fall in love with products and aren’t fully aware of the origins or values of the company behind them. Sometimes the product goes by a name that doesn’t reflect the name of the company that makes it, and the consumer has no idea where it is coming from. For many people, Flavia® Coffee can be one of those ... Read More »

Lavazza Coffee Keurig K-Cups

Lavazza Coffee Keurig K-Cups

Lavazza Coffee Keurig K-Cups!  That’s right and you better get used to saying it. After hearing the loud cries of Keurig K-Cup lovers everywhere, Lavazza K-Cups have finally come into existence and you can buy them at Tiki Hut Coffee. But since you all know us so well, you’ll realize that we’re gonna celebrate the Lavazza K-Cups arrival with a ... Read More »

Keurig K-Cups Basket Winners

Zoe Won Keurig K-Cups From Tiki Hut Coffee

We Love Our Keurig K-Cups Basket Winners You can tell by the amount of Keurig k-cups basket winners above that we love making our customers happy.  If that means giving stuff away, then we will do it. Nearly every week, Tiki Hut Coffee has a Keurig K-cups Sweepstakes showcasing some our your favorite K-Cups. Sometimes our sweeps will compliment a ... Read More »

Flavia Coffee Discount Coupons

Flavia Coffee Discount Coupons

Flavia Coffee Discount Coupons from Tiki Hut Flavia Coffee Discount Coupons are just one of the many benefits of shopping for Flavia Coffee at Tiki Hut Coffee. Our Flavia prices start at $8.95 for rails of 20.  But even though we know our customers love our low prices, we know they want every opportunity to save even more. This is ... Read More »

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cups Giveway

Eight Oclock Coffee K-Cups

Win An Eight O’clock Coffee K-Cups Gift Basket From Tiki Hut Coffee! Eight O’clock Coffee K-Cups are the latest price drop Keurig K-Cups at Tiki Hut Coffee. This means that for a limited time, all varieties of Eight O’clock Coffee K-Cups are only $9.99 for 24/ct boxes. To celebrate our great sale we have decided to give away 6 Gift ... Read More »

Donut House K-Cups Sweepstakes

Donut House K-Cups

Win The Donut House K-Cups Sweepstakes   Donut House K-Cups are so popular here at Tiki Hut Coffee we have decided to listen to our fans and give a bunch away during our Keurig K-Cups Basket Sweepstakes. This week we will choose 6 lucky winners to receive a gift basket overflowing with a variety of Donut House K-Cups including: Donut ... Read More »