Friday, March 24, 2017

Coffee Pods and Capsules

Coffee Pods and Capsules
Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods Single Serve for Home Brewing.

Coffee Pods are a form of single serve coffee pre-packaged inside their own filter.  Products in plastic or aluminum filters may also be referred to as coffee capsules.  Regardless of your preference, coffee pods are wildly popular and Tiki Hut has them!

Looking at them they probably resemble some type of round teabag,  but these pods were developed for the convenience of instant coffee with the more luxurious taste of  traditional home brewing.

Don’t let their funny look fool you.  Pod drinkers often  prefer this method over K Cups.

If you want to give the world of coffee pods a try, you will need your own specialized brewer as they are not for use with Keurig K Cups machines.  However, the typical pod set up is clean, easy to use and very eco friendly.

The single serve movement is here to stay regardless if you prefer K Cups or Coffee Pods you’ll enjoy the no fuss brewing technology when compared to the mess and maintenance involved in the home brewing of yesteryear.

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